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Sparta! Come and Take It!

Product Description

Drawing parallels through history with the Greek motto for Come And Take It (Molon labe) - standing up to the Persians with their small group of well trained fighters.  

Texans equally will not back down!!  Show your Texas Pride

Molon labe - originates from King Leonidas of Sparta, in a message to King Xerxes of Persia, when an overwhelming Persian army demanded that 300 Spartan warriors drop their weapons. Leonidas replied "Molon Labe" (Come and get them) and 300 of his Spartans, and Leonidas himself, were killed, but in so doing killed took huge tolls on the enemy and stalled the Persian army for long enough to let the rest of Greece prepare themselves for the war.

Unisex. S, M, L, XL

- Charcoal: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton

Premium material. Super Soft and stretchy.  Your favorite shirt!!