Take a neutral grain liquor such as Vodka and turn it into a superior Whiskey, Rum, Brandy, Schnapps, Vodka, or Liqueur.  Be the hit of the party by serving your own liquor or just treat yourself to your own great creation.
When Vodka was first marketed in America it was called 'White Whiskey'.  For simplicity sake, this base neutral liquor is the foundation for most spirits.  The grain or vegetal composition and other nuances, especially the barrel, will give the final flavor to the spirit.  We allow you to replicate this by introducing this essence into the neutral liquor and aging it in the barrel.  The result is pure goodness!
- Fill the barrel halfway with your favorite flavorless Vodka or Grain Alcohol for any Whiskey, Bourbon, Vodka, Scotch, Brandy, Schnapps, or Liqueur essences. For all Rum essences use a flavorless clear Rum.
 - Next pour your essences into the barrel. You will need to use 1 essence per liter of alcohol you are flavoring.
 - Now fill the barrel full with alcohol and place the bung in the bung hole.
 - This will be the hardest step, waiting.... wait two weeks.
 - Taste your alcohol. If you enjoy the flavor, then you can start drinking.
If you feel it needs to be aged further, you should let it age another week or longer if you like.