Hill Country Olive Oil

We love things that are made in Texas!  Oil is big in Texas ... Olive Oil that is.  The soil and climate of the Hill Country is ideally suited for growing olives.  The amazing oil that is produced rivals the worlds top producers.  

These different olive oils make great gifts and you will sure be coming back for more!  

Order 3 in a beautiful wooden gift box.  We will contact you on your selection of the 3.


·         Sola Stella (Lone Star) 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Top quality olive oil that has a buttery flavor.

·         Texas Hill Country Miller's Blend 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Texas Hill Country Miller's Blend has a grassy, buttery taste that finishes slightly nutty and peppery.   It is amazing on grilled meats. This Oil took home a Gold Medal this year in the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition in its category.

·         Terra Verde Garlic Infused EVOO 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Created using our premium award winning EVOO we have created an exceptional Garlic Infused Oil. It is sure to turn the flavor up in any dish you can come up with in the kitchen.

·         JALAPENO Infused Terra Verde EVOO 250mlExtra Virgin Olive Oil A real taste of Texas! Jalapeno crushed together with olives.  The result is a unfiltered, fresh, premium jalapeno oil that will add incredible favor to your dish.