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Chocolate Hornback Caiman- Lucchese Heritage

Product Description

Handmade in Texas.  The Heritage line incorporates all the design elements and craftsmanship of the Classic line, but with a great price point.  Fully hand pegged.

Handmade in Texas since 1883. This attractive boot features a gorgeous Lucchese stitch pattern on the quarter, which is colorful with reds, oranges and browns to truly brings out the chocolate notes to the premium exotic leather vamp, made of hornback caiman tail.
COLOR: Chocolate
MATERIAL: Hornback Caiman Tail + Goat

Fits true to size

Lucchese holds closely to its Western roots, which have instilled in us the traditional values of honor, community and gentility. Lucchese Heritage customers are self-reliant, hardworking people who have shaped the ideals of the American West. They appreciate Lucchese's devotion to craft and our artisans' unwavering approach to building the finest, honorably priced boots that money can buy. Using the same bootmaking techniques that founder Salvatore Lucchese used in the late 1800s, Lucchese Heritage boots are a shining example of our commitment to his enduring vision.


As our inventory is constantly changing, we do our best to keep the sizes on our website true to the sizes we have in stock. However, if you do not see your size, please give us a call and we'll see how quickly we will have more in!