1836 - Framed Old Texas Map - Young's Map


Ultra high quality - high definition map.  Beautiful Frame.  Perfect for any room or office.

The Powder Keg Map of Texas

You are looking at a powder keg about to

At the time this map was published in early
 1836, the keg was smoldering.

Texians had already dared Mexican troops
to take the old cannon at Gonzales and had
run General Cos out of Bexar.

But a long, slow fuse had also been lit in
the form of an army on the march. Santa
Anna had left Mexico City the previous
November with 6,000 troops.

Spark would meet powder at the Alamo on
March 6. The resulting blast sent families
to flight on the Runaway Scrape, propelled
armies toward their rendezvous at
San Jacinto and gave birth to a republic.

The 1836 Mitchell-Young map of Texas was actually meant as an emigrant's map, providing would-be Texians with hard to find information about the province and its settlements.

  • It shows the empresario grants, towns and roads between them.
  • Shows rivers and creeks, and details their navigability by steamboat.
  • Displays the ranges of various Indian tribes.
  • Explains the political climate of Mexican Texas.
  • Gives the requirements for receiving a grant or purchasing land in Texas.

It even folded up between two covers to fit in the vest pocket of the traveler.

If your ancestors came to Texas during the Republic period...and if they carried a map with them...it was most likely the Mitchell-Young map, which was kept updated and in print until statehood.


It's a snapshot of a province on the cusp of becoming a Republic.



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