1 1/2'' Basket Stamped Ranger Belt

1 1/2" Basket Stamped Ranger style belt. The leather is embossed with basket stamp pattern. Black and Natural Antique colors. The stitching is with nylon thread and the buckle is 3/4".  Handmade in America. 

*Order a belt 2 sizes larger than your pant waist size, i.e. 32 waist = 34 belt


What is a "Ranger Belt" anyways?

The design of the Ranger Belt was adopted from a cinching technique used in horse tack that allows a strap to be tightened without pinching the horse's hair in the buckle. The Texas Rangers adapted this technique into the design of a men's ranger belt in the 1840's, when they began using the new Colt Walker six-shooter, which used holsters that required wider belts. By mimicking the cinching technique from horse tack in the design of the ranger belt, the Rangers could wear a smaller belt and still holster the larger sidearm. Therefore, this style of two-layered leather in the front is named after the Texas Rangers.