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Rios of Mercedes


Rios of Mercedes dates back to the 1850’s when the Rios family became known for the art of bootmaking. In the early 1900’s, they moved their shop to Texas’ Rio Grande Valley and continued perfecting their craft. When the last of the Rios Bootmakers, Zeferino, retired in the 1960’s, he sold the family business.

Rios of Mercedes 159 Years Later.

Today Rios of Mercedes, under the guidance of Trainor Evans, J.P. Moody and Ryan Vaughan, still makes boots in much the same way the Rios family did – by hand. We think you should know that there is no secret to producing well made boots. It takes the best materials, skilled craftsmanship and lots of time. That’s exactly what we put into each pair of Rios of Mercedes boots.

 Real Texas Made Cowboy Boots.

The hands that make our handmade boots take five times longer than an average bootmaker. (And we don’t make average boots.) Rios of Mercedes boots are the works of talented craftsmen whose attention to detail comes from the heart and years of experience. We make boots that look good, fit well, and last long. We make real Texas Made Cowboy Boots.

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Rios of Mercedes

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